Monday, September 22, 2014

Gastric Bypass Update

What I can not tolerate more than 2 years post-op.

I try to stick to the RNY life but sometimes I fall off. 
   But there are a few things that still make me feel horrible. The major things are Bread, Pasta and Cranberry Juice.

I use to love Cranberry juice. I had some on Friday and was out of commission for about 3 hours. I will never again do that. I still love bread but it does not like me. I can have maybe a bite of a slice. But then why even tempt myself......IDK 
Pasta is another thing that I absolutely love. We had spaghetti and just wanted more and more. Well that more and more came at a price and it was not pretty. I laid me out and my stomach was so tight and I felt like I could not swallow my spit or I would burst. 

So Yea I Am Done Ranting........

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