Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blessings Keep on Coming

If you do not believe in God then I don't know what you are thinking.

So as you have seen my budget we did not have a lot of left over money. Well (Praise Break) my husband called me last night (he works nights) and was all excited and was sleeping. Well he began telling me the story:

Dad: do you have any money
Son: We got $20 to last us this week
Dad: okay
        (Moments Later)
Dad: here you go (hands my hubby $60.00)
Son: Man thanks I needed this.

Next, my husband and his co-worker walk across the street to the gas station. My husband finds $5.00, he is just floored at this point. So he decided to buy a lottery ticket (no my first idea but okay). Well he won $4.00 and a free ticket.

I walked my kids to the bus stop today and on the way home I checked the mailbox. Well it was a birthday card in there for my hubby. He was sleep when I cam in so I just laid it on his night stand. When he woke up he called me in the room and said, "We rolling in the dough"

I am so blessed and humbled and thank God for All His many, many blessings.

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