Thursday, August 7, 2014

So Now a Update on ME

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with di/di twin boys. Yea I know that was a lot. I am excited (I think) it is still hard to process. 

This is Baby AAAAA

This is Baby BBBBB

Since my last update I have been through the ringer. I have had to have 15 teeth pulled which included the entire top row. I had been having problems with getting an abscess in my gums every few months. But I did not have insurance and was unable to get treatment other than going to the emergency room. So when I found out I was pregnant and could qualify for Medical Assistance I jumped at the chance to get my entire body fixed before anything changed. I had those pulled over two different sessions. After the first time I was rushed to the hospital in pain in my abdomen and they don't know what caused it. I then went in for the second session to pull the rest out and was hospitalized shortly after that. I apparently was suffering from some type of reaction from the meds that they had given me.
I am fine now.

That is really all that has been up with me. Just trying to rest and take it easy. 

Keep us in your prayers.

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