Monday, February 10, 2014

should an 11-year-old have a phone?

Time to chime in with what you think is an okay age.

So my oldest is 11 and she wants a "cool" phone.
But what kind should kids this age be able to have. She has a phone but it is a Tracphone and all she can do is call and text. No internet access whatsoever. She does not have data so it cannot be used to surf the internet. So it does not have facebook, instagram or any other social media accounts on it.

I am fine with this. But she is the oldest and has been given more responsibilities (walking to bus stop 3 minutes away). Walking with her brother (8) and sister (6) in tow. 

Smartphones do not make our kids makes them more prone to muggings. Even though I live in a area where there has not been any crimes (yes I check) in the year we have lived here. 

She does have a iPod which she can only take to school on Fridays. But is still does not have a data plan unless it over wifi, her school has secured wifi (students cannot access.) 

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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