Monday, January 13, 2014

Personal Goal Setting

I have goals that I want to accomplish this year. But I am breaking my goals down even further. Instead of just a year I am breaking them down to monthly. After I configure that I will make my monthly goals. With my monthly goals I want to have them in weekly an daily. 

An example would be getting my credit in order. This is my yearly goal that can be broken down into mini monthly goals.

A monthly goal for getting my credit together is 12 different things that I want to accomplish each month. I don't know what order I want it in but I have to sit and think more about it.

January - gather credit reports from the 3 credit bureaus
Weekly - contact companies to work out a plan to pay off or ask for a reduced amount.
Daily - keep a record of who I call and all the information they give me.

This may take longer than a month to do. But monthly from now on I will make sure that I keep track of my spending and credit issues.

A good app and website to use for this is Credit Karma. I use this as a reference.

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