Monday, January 13, 2014

My Weekend in Maryland

So this weekend my family had the opportunity to travel to Maryland to visit our mothers and other family members. We had a wonderful time. My family arrived at about 5am and went to sleep at around 6. I don't know what time the kids went to sleep. They were up with their grandmother and cousin Dnay Jah for hours I'm sure (if they even went to sleep. They usually don't fall asleep until that afternoon.

When we finally woke up (9 am) my husband wanted to go Thrift Shopping for old vintage video games. We went to a lot of them about 7 total. Would you believe that I did not buy anything except a purse. And I didn't want it really but my husband paid for it so there it goes.

My husband got quite a few game and controllers. He mainly looks for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and older games. We did stop for lunch but it was only Mc Donald's I had half of a fish sandwich (not very tasty.) And a tall cup of water.

We also had the chance to visit my brother at his new apartment. It was wonderful. If we ever move back to Maryland I think that is where I want to move to, and my husband agrees. He is in walking distance to a few stores and a 10 minute drive to work (awesome). He does not have any children yet but my 4, and my sister has only 1 = 5 nieces and nephews which is quite a handful for him. but he loves them dearly. 

After our 7 hour adventure was over we went back to my mothers and found our children just as rowdy off that grandmother spoilage juice (is there a such thing). Then my sister, mother and I went to the grocery store for some Nachos stuff and came out with bags and bags of that and other foods (review coming soon). I got applesauce, fruit cups, a seedless watermelon and some granola energy protein bars (??) We also went to CVS who was having a sale on the Christmas items of 90% off. I only got 3 things. Then we went back home and packed up so we could travel to our next destination. 
But not after I begged my mother for a purse
(are you keeping count, that's two.)

Our next destination was to get dinner. We stopped at a Jamaican restaurant called Tropicana Eatery 
The kids had Fricasseed Chicken over Rice-Peas and Cabbage
My husband had Oxtails over Rice-Peas and Cabbage
My Mother In Law Jerk Chicken over Rice-Peas and Cabbage
I had Fricasseed Chicken with only Cabbage
I like this place because all my kids meals were free with an adult entree. 
Our total was $33, but for 6 meals that was a great price.

We didn't eat dinner there we carried it over to my Mother In Laws. She had no idea we were coming to visit her this weekend. But she was happy we did. She got to spend time with her grandchildren. And my children were just as happy to see their Uncle Gabriel (8 years old) who they haven;t seen since Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time, stayed up talking and laughing and watching Cops. In the morning we sat around watching a movie call Unrated Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
If you want to see it here is the schedule from (Jan 23 @ 11am)

After the movie we packed up and got back on the road, only this time we headed for Leesburg, Virginia. In Virginia we visited my grandmother, aunt Tanja, cousins Taylor and Tysne. My other cousins Stefan and his girlfriend Ashley and their baby Avery (10 months) came over. As well as my uncle Russell and my mother. Needless to say we had a full house. And I cannot forget the lovely dog Taps who is getting older and age but we still love him. My aunt cooked some fish, spaghetti, sausages with green peppers and onions, and 2 pies strawberry rhubarb and a blueberry. I was not a fan of the blueberry. 
But we had a wonderful time out there seeing all my family and catching up and making plans to visit in the near future for Avery's birthday. I wish my other cousins were there. I Love my Family. And we ended our trip with hugs and kisses. But not before I got another purse. This time from my aunt Tanja.
(ok so now I am up to three purses this weekend, and my grandmother gave me a pretty robe)

On our way home we stopped at my brothers job so the kids could see him and get some "junk" from his office. Only he didn't have any this time, his fridge only had a packet of honey in it. But he compensated them well and they were pleased with it. They had enough to buy their own snacks with it. 

Needless to say I had a great trip and cannot wait to do it all over again in a few months. Its always great to go and visit the ones you love. My mother and mother in law have been to my house more than a few times. My lovely niece DnayJah (she would hurt me if she didn't get a shout out) My aunt, uncle, sister and brother have also came to visit us. As well as my husbands grandparents and aunt from South Boston, VA have stopped through in their travels to see us. Smooches to all. Hope you have a wonderful week.
 Happy Reading.


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself! She looks like an old chocolate doughnut!

    1. Yes mother we had a wonderful time. Will see yall soon.