Friday, January 10, 2014

Gastric Bypass

I forgot to mention that I had Gastric Bypass on June 4, 2012 at the University of Maryland  in Baltimore under Dr. Lo Menzo.

I went in weighing 272 pounds. I had no major co-morbits, I did have sleep apnea. I am now 19 months post op and I weigh in at............ 148-151 pounds. I am very happy with this decision and would do it over only sooner if needed be. 

This is me at maybe 260ish pounds.

This is me at 145ish.

Can you see the difference. I surely can. I am proud of the decision I have made. Some people say I took the easy way out. But let me tell you it is HARDER to do it the way I did. 

On a daily basis I have t take vitamins because I don absorb them like a person with a regular stomach. 
I still get hungry. I may not can eat a box of ice cream in one sitting but I can eat it in a whole day. I cannot eat and drink with my meals. I have to wait 15-30 minutes or I will get sick. And that is before and after any meals. I can still snack on whatever I want. Just cause my stomach is smaller or just because I had Gasteic Bypass does not mean that I cannot eat a piece of cake or drink soda. Because I can. I get hungry about 2 hours after I have had a meal. Some people can eat and eat and be full for a good little minute. I have excess skin on my arms, stomach. and thighs (videos are on YouTube.) And lastly I have no cushion in my booty.
I know that was odd but its the truth. And I actually have no butt at all to be honest.
I am now doing squats to get it right and tight for the summer.

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