Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Maryland Weekend

Hey people.

So today we decided to go to Maryland. It was a surprise for my mother and mother-in-law.

We had a nice ride. It snowed from Pennsylvania to Baltimore. It has been clear for a while.

Our first stop was my baby brothers house. My kids had a ball eating his Red Velvet Cake. My son was playing in his buckets of "junk". We baby girl played on the NES. The old school Nintendo and she could not clear level one on Mario. My husband was playing the PS4. I think it was Madden 25 and then he played Ghost. My Bubby was playing on his computer. The littlest one was just crawling around.

Then we ventured to my husbands grandmothers house. We got a chance to see his aunt, uncle, cousins and a good friend. It was nice.

We then to grab a bite to eat. We ended up getting KFC. The guy gave us over 20 pieces of chicken, 2 large sides and 8 biscuts for just $20. I guess it was a deal.

My mothers house is next on our journey. We are going to see my sister and niece. We have to go and pick up my niece from her other grandmothers. She does not know we are in town. It is going to be a wonderful surprise for her. I cannot wait to shop in my mothers "coupon store." I will take pictures so you all can see what it looks like.

We are going home in the morning. I plan on stopping at church on my way out. I have not seen some of my friends in months. I miss them dearly.

Whelps Pray for our safe travels.

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