Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Working with a Budget

My husband and I will be trying to implement a budget for our family.  We don't have a lot of money but with 4 children and twins on the way we need all the financial guidance we can possibly muster up. 

My months will go begin at the 15th of each month and go until the following 15th of the month. I will be trying to manage this monthly budget on $1900 per month. 

Most of our bills are reoccurring and we also have one that is less frequent. 

Monthly Bills:

Rent-                                                   $900
Water-                                                     35
Sewer                               (every 3 months)
Progressive                                           133
Electric                                                  200
Ticket                                                      25
Household                                           $200

Joy Phone                                              $50
Andre Phone                                           45
Verizon (internet only)                           35
Netflix                                                    $ 8

I know that is a lot of bills and not a lot of money. But that is what I can afford at this time. Some things that I also have to take into consideration will be food and household supplies. Those things are listed under household. For food I will be getting W.I.C because I am pregnant and I have a child who is under the age of 5. I also get more than a regular pregnant person would because I am having twins. I am also on food stamps which is $500 per month. I can stretch this because I use coupons. Also in the household is the gas. I only have to take my husband to work, he gets a ride home. I also have doctors appointments for me and my children, but I signed up for a program that gives us a free ride to and from appointments.

I plan to set out a weekly amount for my rent and electric because this is the highest thing that I have to pay. And these are necessities. 

I know this seems impossible but I am up for the challenge. 

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