Friday, September 19, 2014

Budget for Sept 19, 2014

So today after I got my kid off to school and had my first cup of coffee, I sat down to begin planning our money for the week.

So we started off with $496.34.  

Bills that were due this week were:
Electric - $100.00 + $2.35 = $102.35
Water   -  $35.00 + $0.50 =     $35.50
Rent -      $300.00                  $300.00

Not bad for this week. Rent is not due but this is how much I am sitting aside. That leaves us with $58.99. Not much to work with but what I plan on doing with the rest is.

Remaining Balance $58.99
Savings Account - $18.99
Gas (car)             -  $20.00
Left for the week - $20.00

Welp that is all of my money for the week. I do have some money on a gift card from Weis. And I have to take something back to Walmart, so I will have that to add to our funds for the week. Out the Walmart money I have to pay for my sons field trip which is $5.00, but it is not due until the 4th of October.

So tell me what you think of my plan. I have allocated money down to the last penny. 

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