Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm Sorry For My Absence

I feel like I have neglected you guys for way to long. I have been sort of busy but not really busy. 

Over the summer a lot has happened to me and my family.

So lets play catch up.

After school let out I had my niece with me for three weeks. She is 10 and from Maryland. We went to Movie In The Park and seen Frozen which I had never seen before and it was AWESOME. Even though it was in the middle of June it was a chilly night. We did pack our own snacks and had blankets and chairs. My sister then came and picked her up and they got to ride the Greyhound Bus. Here is a pic of me and my sis.

They say we look like twins. I am the one on the left. This is my baby sis she is about 26 years old (I think.)

So after they left we were just going to have a relaxing 4th of July at home with just us and they kiddos because money was tight this month. But my mother insisted we come and drop the kids off. Needless to say we did but only the girls because our son had some summer school to to complete for his speech. 

It was a bit lonely without all the girls (his words), but I did miss them a lot while they were gone. We did some fun things while they were away. This is him at the YMCA indoor pool.  

My uncle and cousin came from Maryland at 12 at night to get my son because my mother wanted all of her grandchildren to be with her. It was cool with my my husband had to work so I just sat around. I did not go home because I had never been home alone before. I did end up doing it because sleeping in the car at his job was not fun. 

That is all for now.

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