Friday, August 15, 2014

Farmers Market

Looking through my phone I realized I forgot to show you guys our pics from the Market.

On Saturday we went to two Farmers Markets. 
Take a look at what we got.

The cabbage was $1.50 per head. We grabbed three of them.
 I have never had the purple and am curious to see how 
it will taste in comparison to the yellow.

The corn was $0.70 per ear and we bought nine of them.
 I thought that was a bit much but I had some vouchers to use up.

My kids just love watermelon. We picked the biggest one 
(it was huge).
It was $5.99 for anyone that was in the box.

In this video my children are taking part in the seed spitting contest. They were able to win $1.00 buck to use at the market.

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