Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stay At Home Mom vs Slave

So you may be thinking...Well you stay at home all day why can't you do it all. Well let me tell you. Beside being a mom some of us are more than just that.

I know in my home I am the following:
  1. alarm clock
  2. personal assistant to 4 little people and 1 big one
  3. cook
  4. chauffeur
  5. laundry attendant
  6. chef (actually I am 6 chefs in one)
  7. maid
  8. doctor
  9. nurse
  10. teacher
  11. ipod electrician
  12. lego builder
  13. Doc Mc Stuffins patient
  14. chew toy 
  15. burp cloth
  16. vomit catcher
  17. dish washer
  18. other sock finder
  19. hair dresser
  20. snuggle toy (my babies are spoiled)
  21. referee
  22. coach
Well those are just the things from this past week. It may seem like we are slaves when it comes to our families but we are not.

Please make some time for yourself. I don't care if it is a walk to the mailbox (which I have done) just for a ten second breather. 

That is enough rambling for one day.....

See Ya Soon

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