Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Moving Back to Maryland

Am I moving back to Maryland.......

The answer in my mind is YES......RUN
But really I am not going anywhere (unless God says so). But I do want to move. 

Reasons why (silly but true)

  • I miss my mother, brother +Gordon Palmer , sister +Jawanna hardy  and niece
  • my grandma
  • Also uncle Russell and Phil, aunts +Tanja Thompson  and Margo, and cousins Taylor, Tysne, Artisha, Stefan (Ashely and Avery his girlfriend and daughter)
  • I can coupon
  • I have no..NO help here with my children (not that it is their job, but when I was sick my husband needed help. My mother and aunt Tanja stepped in and drove from Maryland to Philadelphia to get my kids)
  • I am tired of being alone. (I have hubby and kids but no other adults) 
  • I like to visit family. (There is some here but...)
  • Did I mention I miss couponing
  • I miss my job at the school board (weird)
  • I miss my friends (I didn't have many)
  • I miss my church (didn't know I loved them until I left)
Well that is all for now. Back to our regularly scheduled blog post

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