Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Free Stuff From Companies

So I was asked about how I receive free products and coupons from companies. Its really easy to do and only takes a few steps to do. 

First make a list of places or products that you like.
Gather their company info (email or phone number)
Follow these steps below.

1.Write the company a letter. Tell them how much you love their products and say that you are a big fan of the company.
  • Add a personal experience story. For example, if you want free products from a pet supply company, write a story about how you've used the company's products in the past to care for your pets. Be as specific and enthusiastic as possible.
  • Request the free products. Ask if the company has any free samples or coupons that they could send you for being a loyal customer.
Ask if a company offers free stuff for your birthday. Register and list your birthdate on the company website and wait for your free offer.

Start a blog and write product reviews. Then, contact your favorite companies and ask if they will send free samples for you to review. Companies will often send you free samples of their products in exchange for the free publicity provided by your blog.

That is all. Easy right I know. Now go ahead and get started.