Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Faking Death Reports

In the past few months our Suitland School Alum has been it with death reports that were false.

Why do people do these type of things? Who knows?

We have to all become aware of the people that we accept as friends on Facebook. If you don't know the person please don't accept them. I often look at friends we have in common and feel like I may have known them because of that. Well not anymore. I urge all of you all to go through your friends and decipher who you really know and came in actual contact with.

We need to all change our passwords as soon as possible so we will not fall victim to these reports again. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I found out anyone of my family members were dead because of senseless person playing around on Facebook.

Facebook is not all bad. I have been connected with family members and friends from all over America that I have not seen in years.

 If someone sends you a request start asking questions.

1. Where do I know you from?
2. What school did we go to together?
3. What class?
4. What teacher?
5. Who did you hang with?
6. Who did I hang with?
7. Who is your mother and father (if family related)?
8. Who is your pastor and first lady (if church)
9. What church do you go to?
10. Have we ever talked?

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