Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weight Gain

So weighed in this morning. I am up to 155.8. This is a 4 pound gain. I have to get my butt back on track to get these pounds back down. So today it's a shake for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner.
Sounds like the old Slim Fast commercial.  I already know what the weight gain is from.
My weekend of snacking and eating the wrong food. Combines with not being as active if I  was home. I literally ate out everyday. Saturday was McDonald's and Jamaican. Sunday Burger King (fish sandwich was bomb)

But I know what I need to do. Stop playing and start moving.

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  1. This is a constant battle for me too but I try to stay positive and learm from my mistakes! I love Wendy's root beer floats but they don't love me!!! We can defeat these bad eating habits with the healp of the Lord and self control!!!