Friday, January 10, 2014

Heres To The New Year

So I am late.

 Who cares.

I know I wanted to start blogging on the first of the year, yes today is the 10th. Better late than never is what they always say. Who is "they" I really have no clue.

So thank you for joining me as I blog and vlog about my life as a Work from Home Mom.
So a little about me. I am a wife (of my sexy husband) of 9 years.Will be 10 years this December 10, 2014

 Mother of four wonderful children (you will meet them in due time) Bubby who is 11, Lolo is 8, Squirrel is 6, and Peanut is 7 months.No those are not my children's real names. But these days you never know.

These days we reside in a little town in Montgomery County, PA. We have only been here a year and a half, two years on July 1. Before then were were living in the wonderful Nations Capitol, Washington, D.C. (outside of it, stone throwing distance) but my husband got a job here in PA and we moved here.

Let me tell you life has not always been peachy keen here, but we digress and survive. More of my story on the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Thanks for reading.