Thursday, January 30, 2014

Goodwill / Thrift Store Shopping Tips

So I found this great video I had to share about shopping at the Thrift Store.

I shop at the thrift store all the time. You can find great items if you take the time and look around. The few that visit frequently have half price days on Sunday and Mondays. But you must get there early to get some great finds.

  1. Pick a good store. The neighborhood does make a difference. Upscale neighborhoods usually have a better quality of things.
  2. Donations can come from all over sometimes. (Shop around)
  3. Look for store rejects (Target, Walmart, ect...) 
  4. Make a list. It is okay to make a list for the Thrift Store
  5. Look behind the glass. This is usually where the "higher quality" stuff is also electronics. My husband has found vintage video games for his collection at great prices.
  6. A lot of stuff is junk. Do not feel pressured to buy if you don't really need it.
  7. Know if your store has an exchange policy. (Not all stores have one)
  8. Check items over. When looking for clothes look for stains and holes. For electronics, plug them up and make sure they work. If shopping for books, just flip through the pages and check for torn and written on pages.
  9. Shop the previous season. In January is when there is a lot of Christmas stuff that people don't want. There can be wrapping paper, bows and labels brand new in package.
  10. Shopping for baskets. They usually have tons and come in different sizes and colors. These can be great for organizing any room.
  11. Best months to shop. December and January are the best in my opinion. These months are the best because people are turning in things to get their tax write offs.
  12. Picture Frames are great to buy from thrift stores because the are cheaper than most department stores. Just give them a good wipe down and ignore whatever is already inside.
  13. Clearance Racks and Half Price Days. These days can vary by store but it is best to go in the morning on that particular day to get the best finds. Mine are Sunday and Monday morning. Going as soon as the store opens and take your time to look around.
  14. Decor Stuff or knick knacks are also great to buy from here. I have found brand new vases and sculptures. (If you like that kind of stuff)
  15. Think outside the box. Go in with a open mind and have fun.

Stuff not to buy:
  • underwear and panties
  • bathing suits
  • mattresses
  • make up (unless sealed in package, look for expiration date)
  • pillows
  • bike helmets
  • stuffed animals
  • food
  • any open products.....lotion, deodorant, shower gel
  • blenders and food processors
  • car seats
  • running shoes
  • metal baking pans (unless new)
  • metal cutlery (unless you see a stainless steal label)

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